Blue Diamond Growers - Turlock, CA
FullBloom Baking - Newark, CA
Fra'Mani - Berkeley, CA

Food & Beverage Processing Plants

E. A. Bonelli has designed over 40 Freezer and Cooler Storage facilities, a variety of Snack Food facilities, Spice and Dessert plants, over 30 Meat, Fish, or Poultry Processing Plants, and numerous Bakery Plants. Our skills, research, and experience in the design of these Food-Processing Facilities give us the unique ability to quickly identify complications and create innovative solutions to meet our clients strict requirements.

“This is to express Kraft USA’s complete satisfaction with the professional services recently performed for us at our food processing and distribution plant in Tulare, California.”

Michael Klepitsch, Sr. Design Manager, Kraft USA
Blue Diamond Growers Nut Processing Facility
Actagro Research & Development Center
FullBloom Baking Company Pastry Manufacturing Plant & Offices
Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods Company Headquarters and Meat Processing Facility
Just Desserts Bakery
Rich's Foods Bakery Remodel

Client List

Amy's Kitchen

Food Processing Facility, Santa Rosa, CA

Blue Diamond Growers

Nut Processing Facility, Turlock, CA

Brioche Pasquier

Galaxy Desserts
Facility Improvements, Richmond, CA

Chiala Farms

Produce Processing Plant, Hollister, CA

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Welfare Square Cannery, Salt Lake City, UT

Del Monte Contadina

Tomato-Processing Plant, Central Valley, CA

Facciola Meat

Fish and Poultry Plant, Fremont, CA

Fernando’s Foods

Food Processing Facility, Compton, CA

Fra’Mani Handcrafted Foods

Office and Meat Processing, Berkeley, CA

Fresh Express

Expansion, Atlanta, CA

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Potato Chip Plant, Vancouver, WA
Potato Chip Plant, San Jose, CA

FullBloom Baking Company

Pastry Plant, Newark, CA

Gallo Salame

Sausage Plant, San Francisco, CA

General Mills

Cereal Plant, Lodi, CA

Gilliam County Grain Quality Lab

Dry Blending Plant and Testing Lab, Arlington, OR

Glorybee Foods

Honey Processing Facility, Eugene, OR

Guittard Chocolate Company

Facility Expansion and Master Planning, Fairfield, CA

Just Desserts

New Bakery, Oakland, CA

The Kroger Company

Meat Plant, Glenvar, VA
Meat Plant, Irving, TX
Meat Plant, Memphis, TN

Lucky Stores, Inc.

Bakery Plant, San Leandro, CA
Bakery Plant, Buena Park, CA
Meat Plant, Buena Park, CA
Meat Plant, Oklahoma City, OK
Meat Plant, San Leandro, California
Sausage Plant, San Leandro, CA

Market Basket

Market Basket
Meat Plant, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Pocino Meats

Meat Plant, Riverside, CA

Race Street Fish & Poultry

Poultry Plant, San Jose, CA

Ralph’s Grocery Company

Meat Plant, Compton, CA

Safeway Inc.

Bakery Plant, Richmond, CA
Bakery Plant, Denver, CO
Bakery Plant, Landover, MD
Bakery Plant, Bellevue, WA
Bakery Plant, Oklahoma City, OK
Bakery Plant, Houston, TX
Meat Plant, Butte, MT
Meat Plant, Clackamas, OR
Meat Plant, Denver, CO
Meat Plant, Houston, TX
Meat Plant, Kansas City, KS
Meat Plant, Landover, MD
Meat Plant, Little Rock, AR
Meat Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Meat Plant, Oklahoma City, OK
Meat Plant, Richmond, CA
Meat Plant, Sacramento, CA
Meat Plant, San Francisco, CA
Meat Plant, Stockton, CA
Meat Plant, Tempe, AZ
Meat Plant, Wichita, KS

Showa Marine

Seafood Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Seafood Plant, Clifton, NJ

Silva Sausage

Meat Plant Expansion, San Jose, CA

Virginia Bakery

Bakery Expansion, Berkeley, CA