EAB Welcomes Jamie Horton, Principal Engineer, Mechanical + Refrigeration

August 1, 2023

E.A. Bonelli + Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce the latest addition to the firm. Jamie Horton joins the EAB team as Principal Engineer, Mechanical and Refrigeration.

Mr. Horton brings over two decades of experience in Mechanical and Refrigeration design for the food and beverage industries, including more than thirteen years as a managing partner of EMR, an engineering and construction firm that provided mechanical utility systems to clients in this sector. More recently, Jamie served as Mead & Hunt's Vice President, Food & Beverage Market Leader. It was in this role that Jamie began his collaboration with EAB, working on the expansion of a dairy processing facility in Roswell, NM, and continuing into several projects up until his retirement from that firm in 2022.

Jamie has always been drawn to the specialized, highly technical nature of mechanical utility design for food & beverage. The prospect of returning to more challenging projects and designing large-scale systems, while working within the close-knit environment of E.A. Bonelli, was instrumental in his decison to join the firm.

I have a great appreciation for the small-company culture that combines with large-company performance. There is a nimbleness to EAB that I greatly admire; an ability and a desire to do whatever it takes to address clients' projects and issues.

In his role as Principal Engineer for the Mechanical and Refrigeration disciplines, Jamie is poised to lead the development of EAB's design division.

One of my primary goals, and the part of this job for which I am most excited, is to strengthen our Mechanical group. Our intention is to continue growing this team of engineers in order to address, more effectively, the needs of our customers. EAB has always excelled at designing hygienic, high-performing facilities that safeguard our clients' processes. But we also want to be able to provide the kind of services that keep these plants' utility systems performing optimally.

Additionally, Jamie brings his accomplished business acumen to EAB's Leadership team, and will be working with partners and associates to grow and develop the firm's business strategy. EAB is privileged to have Jamie's leadership and expertise driving these latest stages of company growth.