EAB at CPX20

In more than sixty years of facility planning and design for the food & beverage industries, E.A. Bonelli has prided itself on positioning itself at the forefront of industrial architecture and engineering. More significantly, however, has been the way this firm has leveraged its expertise and ingenuity towards advancing the latest processing innovations and consumer trends. One of the fastest growing segments of food & beverage processing is the development and production of legal cannabis edibles and beverages.

This year, Prepared Foods is hosting the first ever Cannabis Products Exchange. CPX20 is a virtual and interactive conference designed to inform and inspire the ideation, innovation, research and development, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and consumer safety of legal cannabis edibles and beverages.

In partnership with The Vivid Team, E.A. Bonelli is proud to be sponsoring this year's event. On Thursday, July 30, EAB and Vivid will discuss how this partnership can provide turnkey solutions for the emerging cannabis food & beverage industry.

The EAB/Vivid Team is comprised of best-in-class business leaders in food science, product development, project management, facility design and construction, helping to navigate product ideas from concept to realization.

(l. to r.) Scott Savage, E.A. Bonelli CEO; Jessica Cristadoro, Vivid President & CEO; Steffen Weck, Food Business Consulting President & CEO

In addition to discussing how E.A. Bonelli is bringing its industry-leading hygienic facility design and site support services to the cannabis space, Scott, together with Jessica Cristadoro and Steffen Weck, will give attendees a first look at Vivid's planned Epicenter Facility. Join us for a virtual tour of the Denver-based facility being designed to take products from concept to commercialization to the dispensary shelves.

The video airs at 12:00 noon PST on July 30 as part of the CPX20 event.