California Dairies, Inc. – Tipton

100,000 sq. ft. facility designed to process 3,000,000 lbs. of fluid milk a day for production of 263,000 lbs. of powder and 128,000 lbs. of butter per day.

The core of the building is a 10,000 sq. ft. highrise evaporator/dryer tower with full height partition wall between wet and dry areas. Compact to minimize cost and maximize efficiency of operation. Fully expandable on three sides.

Site development includes pretreatment and treatment plant and a complete on-site water distribution system for both domestic and fire protection.

Pictured: interior view of the Alcove Alley. Stainless steel piping, tiling throughout for extreme sanitary conditions, and walls protected with acid resistant tiles to prevent deterioration of surface during tank CIP

Client California Dairies, Inc.
Project Type Powder and Butter Facility
Location Tipton, CA
Total Sq. Feet 100,000